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CodaGrip is a new breed of guitar holders.   Clamp to any surface and hold your guitar wherever you want, off the ground and secure.   Used by major touring acts, stage professionals and beginners.   An incredible new product that guitars players are talking about. 

Customer Reviews

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Brian H.
Excellent product!

This is a very handy, and well built product. It can attach to pretty much any table, bench, desk, etc. I love it!

Richard Horton
Take My Money

Excellent design and well thought out! I got the Coda Grip to hold my guitar at my recording desk. After looking at different hangers for several days I found an ad somewhere and went straight to the site to buy, glad I did, it is highly recommended!

Rob Chang
Great product that has some room for improvement

While the CodaGrip can grip onto different types of edges and is secure, the design can use some improvement so the tightening and loosening can be faster, and it can be used on more edge orientations. Right now, having to do all that turning to loosen and tighten can be a real chore when you want to quickly remove it from edge and secure it on another edge that's much thicker or thinner. It would take too many turns and it gets tiresome. Redesigning it to some kind of locking clamp mechanism would only take a second to remove and secure. And right now, it cannot be used on edges that are facing the Y-axis because the turning knob would impede the headstock/neck.

Shivan Govindan
Great product!

Great product, works as advertised.

Great device

I recently purchase the Coda Grip at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. This device is a gem. Now, I can ensure that my guitar is being held securely when I play out without having to drag a fuller stand with me.