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CodaGrip is a new breed of guitar holders.   Clamp to any surface and hold your guitar wherever you want, off the ground and secure.   Used by major touring acts, stage professionals and beginners.   An incredible new product that guitars players are talking about. 

Customer Reviews

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lisa rochelle
Packs easily in your guitar case

This nifty little device is taking the guitar world (and other instruments) to the next level, delivering something so simple it didn't even know it needed. Get one today for the musician in your life like I did, they will love it and thank you for it!

Innovative idea for and old problem

I think I've owned every guitar mount there is. Over the years I've drilled dozens of holes in my walls for mounts just to regret the placement. And I've knocked over every type of floor stand ever invented. Some of those incidents ended in the guitar emergency room. Coda Grip was an impulse purchase and I couldn't be happier. This thing can mount just about anywhere. It allows me to bring my guitar or ukulele into any creative space and feel studio ready. It has such a creative design compared to anything else on the market. The perfect solution for a temporary or permeant guitar mount.

David Jun
Coda Grip is IT

These Coda Grip Guitar Hangars are amazing. They're well made, sturdy, and can lock onto pretty much anything and hold the guitar there! Its small footprint also makes for easy packing when traveling. I've bought three, and I'll definitely be buying more!

Dan Snyder Snyder

In addition to its stunning design, the Coda Grip guitar stand boasts exceptional versatility and stability. Its innovative design allows it to be securely attached to a variety of surfaces, making it perfect for literally any space. This feature adds an extra layer of convenience and functionality, ensuring that my guitar is always within reach and safely stored. Overall, the Coda Grip guitar stand exceeds expectations with its combination of style, stability, and adaptability. I absolutely love this thing!

Carter Lansing
Solid craftsmanship. Excellent in both form and function!

Gone are the bulky, pinchy A-frames and unwieldy, multi-piece jigsaw puzzle stands of the stone age. This baby tucks in a gig bag and hooks firmly onto whatever non-moving surface is nearby. Stage, studio, living room. Hell, you could clip this bad boy onto a sturdy tree limb if you’re out for a stroll in the wilderness. The game has definitely been changed. It’s well made and easy on the eye. Bravo!