GUITAR WORLD MAGAZINE - The CodaGrip is a clamping guitar stand you can hang anywhere you want



“A durable, space-saving device that holds your guitar wherever you are”: The CodaGrip is a clamping guitar stand you can hang anywhere you want

CodaGrip guitar stand
(Image credit: CodaGrip)

If you’ve ever wanted to hang your favorite guitar off a chair, countertop, or door, the CodaGrip has you covered. The small but intuitive device is being marketed as “the next generation of guitar stand” and it can be mounted onto whatever you like, wherever you are.    

Guitar stands aren’t sexy, but they’re a vital bit of kit for guitar and bass players the world over. Floor and wall-mounted stands have been commonplace since cavemen first strung up bits of tree, but CodaGrip is trying to take it one step further, by allowing players to utilize the world around them, with a moveable storage option.

The device’s small, four-by-eight-inch footprint means it can latch onto any viable surface into something you can hand the stand off of and looks a neat space saver. That pocket-size build also means it can easily slip into a guitar or pedalboard bag, making it a handy tool at home or on the road.

By attaching the CodaGrip to bulky furniture items and the like, players can rest assure their instrument is safe and will never tip over.

It’s made from extruded aluminum and cold-rolled steel for rugged durability, as well as a plastic-free design. Not just for guitars, it can accommodate a host of string instruments, including basses mandolins, ukuleles, and banjos.

CodaGrip’s story traces back to 2020 when founder Rian Carr was bedridden following a biking accident. He longed for a device to hang his guitar onto his bedside bookshelf for easy access, with his ability to strum a chord great for his recovery.

CodaGrip guitar stand


(Image credit: CodaGrip )

Such a device didn’t exist, but Carr realized a simple clamp and guitar hook hybrid would do the trick. Once recovered, he set about creating the CodaGrip, and it’s proving to be a valuable gear invention.

The guitar techs Drew Foppe (guitar tech for Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Whitesnake) and Jeremy Donais (guitar tech for Shinedown) have added the CodaGrip to their touring rigs. Dan Synder (Warren Zeiders) and Broadway guitarist Aurélien Budynek are also users of the handy stand. 

CodaGrip guitar stand

(Image credit: CodaGrip )

As its mounting works in the same way a wall mount stand does by gripping onto the top of the neck, headless guitars are not compatible. It’s the only major sticking point for a design that, now it’s been dreamed up, feels surprising it wasn’t done so sooner.